Hi, I'm Branden.

My name is Branden May. I'm a street photographer based in Atlanta with over 15 years of experience. When I was 12 my dad introduced me to film photography and I haven’t been able to put my camera down since.

My work is unconventional, encompassing nearly every aspect of photography, but I am particularly fond of street and architecture genres. I study and capture how buildings interact with people, other structures, and most importantly—light and shadows. I have been included in exhibitions internationally at galleries including Agora Gallery in Manhattan, BBA Gallery in Berlin, and Blank Wall Gallery in Greece.
Group Exhibitions:
2022 - Bridgeport Art Center "Very Best of Black & White" Chicago, IL
2022 - BBA Gallery "Dramatic Lighting" Berlin, Germany
2022 - Agora Gallery "My Perfect Shot" New York City, NY USA
2021 Laurent Gallery "Creative Composition" Melbourne, Australia
2021 - The Photography Show "Art of Black & White" Birmingham, UK
2021 - Stills: Centre for Photography "Creative Composition" Edinburgh, Scotland
2021 - Praxis Gallery "Powerful Composition" Minneapolis, MN USA
2021 - Kontrast Gallery "Art of Photography" Stockholm, Sweden
2021 - Indian Habitat Center "Powerful Lighting" New Delhi, India
2021 - Espaço Espelho D'agua "My Favorite Shot" Lisbon, Portugal
2021 - Emory University Hospital "Southeastern Photographic Society Exhibit" Atlanta, GA USA
2021 - Corningsby Gallery "Nature Photographer of the Year" London, UK
2021 - Blank Wall Gallery "Best of Black & White" Athens, Greece
2021 - Black Box Gallery "Framed Shadow & Light" Portland, OR USA
2021 - Atlelier Now "Art of Photography" Dublin, Ireland
2020 Laurent Gallery "My Exhibition Shot" Melbourne, Australia
2019 - Piazza Lina Bo Bardi "Minimalism" Milan, Italy
2019 - Photosynthesis Gallery "Street Photography" Sofia, Bulgaria
2019 - Art Market Budapest "Amazing Architecture" Budabest, Hungary
2018 - BBA Gallery "Your Exhibition Shot" Berlin, Germany
2018 - 5th Base Gallery "MOSTLY WHITE" London, UK
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